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Donors Looking to Combat Antisemitism Can Start With Universities



Senior Fellow Noam Schimmel’s article was published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

In this piece, Noam elaborates on why on-campus antisemitism efforts should be expanded.

Universities particularly have a key role to play in the fight against anti-Jewish prejudice and bigotry,” Noam explains, using examples of workshops, orientations, and other events organized by the Antisemitism Education Initiative at the University of California, Berkeley, where Noam works. “Berkeley’s program demonstrates how donors can back university efforts to proactively address antisemitism,” he asserts.

Yet, in Noam’s eyes, Berkeley and universities across the US can do more to “effectively address the concerns of Jewish faculty, staff, and students.”

Therefore, Noam urges philanthropists contributing to universities to expand their resources. “Such support is critical to overall efforts to advance human rights and freedom for all,” Noam concludes.

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