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Anna Kendrick awarded the MLA’s Kovacs Prize



Anna Kendrick has recently been awarded the Modern Language Association of America’s Kovacs Prize for her book “Humanizing Childhood in Early Twentieth-Century Spain.” The book engages the important developments in the field of education and developmental psychology in the context of a wide array of Spanish Silver Age sources.

Every year, the MLA’s Kovacs Prize is awarded to the best book relating to Latin American and Spanish literatures and cultures. For the judges, Anna’s book is “meticulously assembled and written.” Humanizing Childhood in Twentieth-Century Spain adds “new dimensions to canonical texts while also introducing new texts into the discussion.”

In addition to the MLA’s Kovacs Prize, Anna also received other prizes including the the 2021 ISCHE First Book Award by the International Standing Conference for the History of Education.

Find out more on Anna’s successes on this NYU Shanghai page.