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Are You Getting Enough Rest or Are You a Child of Immigrants?



Senior Fellow Irene Franco Rubio wrote an opinion piece for Refinery 29 on being a Latinx child of immigrants and the role that plays in being in pursuit of rest as resistance.

In the article titled “Are You Getting Enough Rest or Are You a Child of Immigrants?,” Irene questions whether immigrants and their descendants can afford the luxury of rest and leisure.

It feels unsettling to live in abundance — mentally, socially, and physically — when the same is not true for my parents and folks with similar stories,” she explains.

Furthermore, Irene believes that it is the US capitalist system what forces individuals to “work past our limits and believe that time spent recharging is time wasted,” noting she is still learning to feel less guilt for slowing down. “Productivity won’t save me — but rest can,” Irene concludes.

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