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Call for Contributions on UN Summit of the Future 2024

Inviting critical perspectives, commentary, and insights for the upcoming UN Summit.

Humanity in Action invites Fellows and Senior Fellows to contribute critical perspectives, commentary, and insights for the upcoming UN Summit of the Future, scheduled for 22-23 September 2024.

We seek to bring forward new ideas, approaches, and perspectives on how the Summit could address and advance Humanity in Action’s core issues of social justice, equity, human rights, and inclusive democracy. What outcomes do you hope to see from the Summit that would lead to transformative change? Authors are encouraged to consider the following questions:

  • How can global solidarity find expression in international governance, and what tangible forms might that take? What are short term and long term milestones to work towards?
  • Pledging a new beginning requires new approaches. How can we approach these challenges in innovative ways? What is currently missing in our global discourses and solutions around key issues of the day?
  • In a time when confidence in our international systems is waning, how can forums like the Summit and multilateral collaboration build trust and inclusivity by amplifying new voices in these critical conversations?

These questions are designed to provoke innovative thinking and encourage participants to propose actionable ideas that contribute to reshaping international governance, fostering global solidarity, and addressing pressing global challenges around democracy and human rights.

Submissions will be accepted here through 7 July 2024. Up to three prizes of $500 will be awarded.

For inquiries, please contact Joanna at

We reserve the right to modify or cancel the open call for reasons beyond our control.