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Marilou Niedda


Marilou is a graduate student at Sciences po Lyon, with a specialization in International Relations. In 2016, she spent an exchange year at the university of Edinburgh, where she took sociology and philosophy courses. Coming back to France, she decided to take a year off from Sciences Po to develop filmmaking skills. While studying philosophy at Nanterre University, she started interning for organisations dedicated to social justice in the Paris region. She worked for the documentary charity, ‘L’yeux Ouverts’. She also campaigned for the right to housing with the French organization Droit au Logement. In both of these organizations she used her skills as a video maker to create short documentaries and interviews of stakeholders and experts in their fields. In the near future, Marilou wants to develop a research project in political and social philosophy, focusing on critical theories and gender studies.


Updated May 2019