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Sister Agnieszka Szoździńska


Sister Agnieszka Szoździńska, born in 1901

She was a Sister of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Purest Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. During the war, this religious congregation rescued many Jewish children in their orphanages. Sister Agnieszka Szoździńska was the superior of the religious house in Sitnik near Biała Podlaska. The nuns had at least five Jewish children in Sitnik. Since 1943, half of the orphanage building had been occupied by the German gendarmerie post. Hiding Jewish children became even more difficult, as Germans began to regularly inquire about some children. Of particular interest to them was Marysia Czekańska. The Germans repeatedly prepared for arrests, but the nuns deftly distracted them from the children in question. All the children survived. After the war, Marysia Czekańska was identified as Gita Rozenzweig and transferred to France, where the surviving members of her ensuing family lived.