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Solomiia Stasiv



Having grown up in a family of historians and political activists, Solomiia has always been driven by curiosity and a sense of justice. After studying journalism at the University of Opole, she lived in Canada for over five years, where she gained most of her professional experience. She worked in various fields including law, aviation, media, and advertising.

Solomiia moved back to Ukraine at the end of 2021, shortly before the Russian full-scale invasion. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, she has collaborated with a group of Ukrainian artists and filmmakers to collect war footage that can be used for accountability purposes, while also helping spread the truth about the war.

Currently, she works as a consultant and representative of the Clooney Foundation for Justice on accountability in Ukraine. Solomiia likes to spend time in nature and dreams to hike again in Ukrainian Crimea after the victory.

Updated November 2022