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Reimagined Ukraine: Empowering Disabled Veterans and Individuals for Change


“Reminaged Ukraine” ultimately seeks to transform society where disability doesn’t prevent anyone from participating actively in the country’s future. However, this vision is not yet a reality, particularly for disabled veterans who have faced the horrors of warfare first-hand. They often battle isolation, societal stigma, and inadequate support.

The central purpose of this project is to address systemic inequities. It aims to empower disabled individuals and veterans, enabling them to engage in democracy and shape a united, inclusive, and accessible vision for post-war Ukraine. The strategy’s core will be a powerful awareness campaign using gripping visuals and real-life stories to highlight the challenges faced by disabled individuals and veterans and the change they want to make.

Personal experiences of veterans and people with disabilities in Ukraine will serve as potent narratives to spotlight the issue. Through active collaboration with influencers, NGOs, activists within the disability community, and veterans, this project will amplify outreach and messaging.


Updated April 2024