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Take A Seat: Inclusive Sex-Ed


As a mother, 2020 Amsterdam Fellow Suze van Zijl noticed how difficult it is to provide inclusive sex education due to a lack of resources. 2020 Amsterdam Fellow Akef Ibrahimi noted that this is both true for kids and adults.

By joining forces, the co-Fellows tried to create a base understanding of the lacks of sex education and a first step into a more inclusive and holistic approach.

They first thought about writing a book, which turned out to be a huge task. They then decided they needed to know first what their communities actually wanted, and mapped the conversation as be a good place to start.

“The talk itself is also something that can be reproduced by others in their communities,” they thought.

Akef and Suze needed space and money so they could provide food and a space. Stichting HipHopHuis, their workplace, helped with the funding.

“We did not expect the talk to be so valuable. People talked for an hour or more after we finished already. So, we really want to continue with this format.”

Their advice?

“Start small. Small steps are wonderful and meaningful. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing.”