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The Optimist Project


The Optimist Project strived to create a space to discuss, advocate and implement equal access to elite institutions in France. It brought together students from poor, urban and rural communities, creating a diverse network of different leaders.

By creating a space to connect students who traditionally do not meet, this project provides them an opportunity to discuss their shared experiences.The hope is that the Optimist Project will contribute to bridging the ever-widening gap between two youth communities who seldom interact.

The Optimist project aims at creating a space to discuss, advocate, and implement equal access to elite institutions in France.

This project also aimed to strengthen community ties through leadership: students from the cohort will be encouraged to return home and develop special relationships with their former high school by mentoring seniors who are preparing for admission exams to Sciences Po Lyon.  Equal access to college should be a priority, these endeavors will be documented on social media and make it a topic that is here to stay.