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Moving towards deconstruction



Upon completion of her Project titled “Not just a private issue,” Senior Fellow Lefkothea Rizopoulou saw the group created during the Project flourishing, while her visions met other community members’ revolutionary dreams.

After deconstructing “gender-based violence” as a private trouble, she was invited to co-facilitate a new workshop focusing on the deconstruction of gender roles and norms.

For more pictures from the workshop, visit  the Communication and Digital Media (CDM) Department’s Facebook page.

The workshop titled “Deconstructing gender stereotypes: representations and actions” was aimed at 12 students of the University of Western Macedonia (departments of Kastoria) and was under the auspices of the Lab for Social and Migration Studies.

“I believe that this program helped me to clarify some things about gender identity and how phrases that we consider innocent and harmless carry stereotypical perceptions,” shared one of the student participants in the workshop.

The event provided a safe and brave space both for students and facilitators to discuss and reflect (among others) on powerful structures, patriarchy, institutional sexism, and the right to self-determination. Most of the activities involved the deconstruction of personal gender stereotypes and the role of institutions, messy play bridging students’ senses with the human body, personal boundaries, and consent. Through activities, collective imagination was also (re)activated.

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Lefkothea thanks Maria Papalampropoulou (Ph.D. Candidate) and Professor Domna Michail for their support.