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Lefkothea Rizopoulou


Born and raised in a conservative Greek province, Lefkothea has been always inquisitive about human rights and social justice. Her passion was to raise challenges for breaking cycles and taboos. She moved to Athens, where she completed her BA studies in Social Work. Lefkothea’s experience in grassroots movements and collective, solidarity actions in regards to refugee topic/ immigration policies, and gender-based violence influenced her both personally and professionally. She served as a social worker in shelters for unaccompanied asylum-seeking minors in Greece. Anti-oppressive and anti-racist practices, critical reflection, and intersectionality are at the core of her work. Adapting Simons de Beauvoir’s quote “To name means to reveal and to reveal means that one is already acting”, she continues defending social justice. Lefkothea is a Master’s student at Alice Salomon Hochschule, aiming to hold a Master’s degree in “Social work as a Human Rights profession” and to focus on critical research.


Updated June 2022