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Karolina Obońska


Karolina is a law graduate, who specialises in public law. What led her there is her ever growing passion towards cultural heritage, which sparked an interest and thorough understanding of aspects regarding reprivatisaion and cultural objects restitution. She focuses her activism on the notion of affordable housing and is working on a change in how the public real estate resources are being distributed. Her goal is to persuade local governments to enable their resources to the community. She is a firm believer that a more empathetic, just, and inclusive society is achievable only if basic social needs are being fulfilled. Amongst others, she also takes interest in minority and employee rights.
Karolina has professional legal experience in public, private, and non-governmental sectors.
She plans to pursue a PhD and help revolutionise the housing system, starting with Silesia, a place where she is deeply rooted in.
Neoliberalism malcontent.


Updated June 2022