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Nikola Lero


Nikola Lero holds a BA degree in Law from Pan-European University in Banjaluka and is going to obtain BA degree in EU Law at University for Business Studies. He was born in Sarajevo but lived in 10 cities in three ex-Yugoslav countries during his childhood. Due to his life story and the effect 1992-1995 war has had on it, he decided to dedicate his work to human rights. That is why he was an active NGO volunteer at the Banja Luka Centre for Human Rights, AIESEC, Youth for Peace and European Youth Parliament. He participated in the Council of Europe Human Rights Legal Clinic 2016/2017. Nikola received Erasmus+ “Young Journalist award for youth democratic values in Bosnia and Herzegovina” in 2017 due to his work as an editor at the independent activist magazine “Karike” and as a writer for BUKA. Currently, he is a Junior Assistant at UNICEF Bosnia and Herzegovina. His mission is to merge activism and art, in order to create a powerful tool for a global change.


Updated May 2017