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Noufel Bouzeboudja



Noufel Bouzenboudja is a writer and artist from North Africa who mixes art with active citizenship projects. He was born in Kabylie, Algeria, where he became a teacher of English and Theater Techniques for several years. In 2009, he fled to Spain before migrating to Denmark as a writer in residence with the International Cities of Refuge Network. During his residency, he took part in a wide range of workshops and international meetings concerning human rights, freedom of thought, and freedom of expression. He studied journalism techniques with the International Media Support (IMS) in Denmark, Norway, and Finland. Noufel currently lives in France, where he works with grassroots organizations in the socially marginalized banlieues of Paris, mainly supporting youth with migrant backgrounds. He uses his skills as a trainer and writer to help them develop empowerment toolkits with the aim of making them vocal and active citizens and leaders who own their identity and space. Noufel writes and translates in Kabyle, French, and English. His latest publications include a novel in English titled A Pebble in the River, and a collection of short stories in his native language Kabyle, D Tayri Kan! (It’s just love!). His cinematic poem, ALLEGORIA, has received awards from several international festivals. 

“I will contribute to creating a positive image of the banlieues as spaces of active citizenship and solidarity. I will take a stance. I will share my skills so that others can benefit from what I have learned.”

Learn more about Noufel’s Landecker Democracy Fellowship project here and you can find his personal blog here.


Updated June 2021