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Tara Dickman

Community Organizer, Trainer, Coach


Tara Dickman is the co-founder of Le Next Level, a non-profit organization that supports civil rights, equal opportunity, and empowerment-oriented projects through training, skill-building, and strategy consultancy. Born and raised in Paris, France, Tara was trained in community organizing in Chicago in 2010. Ever since, she has worked on several minority-led local and national campaigns addressing basic human and civil rights. For five years, Tara was one of the leading community organizers on a nation-wide grassroots initiative to hold police accountable and prevent racial profiling. This initiative resulted in the first successful class action lawsuit against the French state, and produced several bills in Parliament. With a bachelor’s degree in Information and Communications, a master’s degree in Comparative Politics and Minority Rights, and as the former director of Humanity in Action France, Tara has given lectures and delivered workshops on diversity, inclusive leadership, and community organizing for universities, think tanks, and non-profit organizations across Europe and the United States for over a decade. In November 2018, Tara joined Article 1, France’s largest equal opportunity organization. There, she helps the youth-led group Different Leaders to identify its core goals, to enable ethical, inclusive, and responsible forms of leadership, and to develop the ability to influence decision-makers toward making equitable and sustainable choices. She continues to support them today with Le Next Level’s team.

“I’m excited to see the new generation is unafraid to speak out against injustice. What I want to share with them is what was shared with me, that is, what is under the tip of the iceberg of a movement. What it takes to win.”

Learn more about Tara’s Landecker Democracy Fellowship project here.


Updated February 2022

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