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$35,000 Raised for Senior Fellow Giving Campaign 2021



As Humanity in Action prepared to enter its 25th year, we launched our Senior Fellow Giving Campaign. Our alumni and friends of Humanity in Action were encouraged to support us in creating and expanding opportunities for emerging leaders, and they answered our call. Thanks to their generosity, we have raised $35,000.

Together we raised $35,000!

Thank you to each and every one of you who contributed to our campaign. Amidst a time filled with social justice issues and organizations doing wonderful work around the world, we are honored that you consider Humanity in Action’s work worthy of your ongoing support. It is an exciting time at Humanity in Action, as we are introducing new Fellowship opportunities, working to strengthen our Senior Fellow community through new events and programming, and delving into new projects. 100% of your generous contributions will go towards these efforts. Thank you to all our donors:

Noam Schimmel, Benjamin Mericli, Bojan Francuz, George Bogden, Samsom Lim, Nathan Furukawa, Pedja Jurisic, Seth Bergeson, Brian McElroy, Ava Morgenstern, Erica Dorn, Ryan Gayman, David Liebers, Mette Bastholm Jensen, Hannah Sachs, Sheldon Sachs, Dennis Bracale, Melonie Bennett, Bronwyn Lewis Friscia, Dan Devroye, Kan Yan, Deborah Jacobi, Jason Blau, Amish Dave, Amy Larsen, Rachael Dizard, Zachary Kaufman, John Foster, Adrian Wilairat, Marc Silverman, Michelle Rosenthal, Liat Krawczyk, Ben Trachtenberg, Jessamy Garver-Affeldt, Ben Allen, Charles Lockwood, Kimmie Garner, Sharon Chin, Chad Doobay, John Newell, Stephen Reed, Terin Mayer, John Rooney, Lars Madsen, Nicole Kirkwood, Samuel Walker, Paull Randt, Michael Scott, Christina Antonakos-Wallace, David Mandel-Anthony, Natalie Sullivan, Johnathan Miner, Elidor Mehilli, Roman Gautam, Marta Galecki, Alec Arellano, Michael Keller, Maggie Whelan, Raffi Wartanian, Anthony Chase, Sylwia Vargas, Jeffrey Hochstetler, Joseph Kolker, Sarah Bagge, C. Martin Caver, Anna Kendrick, Priya Fielding-Singh, Nicholas Micinski, Jamal Grant, Helen Kramer, Milo Inglehart, Michael Ewart, Ruth Shoemaker Wood, Flora Mendoza, David Sullivan, Aakash Shah, Zoe Kiefer, Sandrine Gil, Amanda Wetzel, Mario Sturla, Michael Brickner, Katharine Gricevich, Robert Vainshtein, Alexandra Perina, Mark Goldberg, Eboné Bishop, Yehonathan Cohen, Sara Sudetic, Noah Brickner, Julia Zarankin, Bill De La Rosa, Aseem Mehta, Johannes Lukas Gartner, Talia Dubovi, Luciana Debenedetti, Anoush Baghdassarian, Juliana S. Karol, Hector Pascual Alvarez, Adam Jed, Rita Astoor, Jennifer Marcy, Gagan Gupta, Mia Ozegovic, Chrysoula Mela, Jesse Elliott, Pedro Spivakovsky-Gonzalez, Christian Moree, Jonathan Forman, Danielle Goonan; Diana Lovett; Sesi Aliu

We truly appreciate your support.

In the last year there have been many challenges to democracy, pluralism, and cohesion in many countries. We truly appreciate your support as we continue to engage our Fellows and Senior Fellows in these issues.