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Humanity in Action Welcomes the 2024 US Fellows Cohort



Humanity in Action is pleased to announce the newly-selected Fellows from the United States. From a competitive pool of applicants, 16 Fellows from the US were selected to join the 2024 Humanity in Action Fellows cohort.

“After a rigorous and competitive admissions process, which saw application numbers return to pre-pandemic levels for the first time, I am thrilled to welcome 16 US Fellows to the Humanity in Action network,” shared Hannah Joy Sachs, US National Director.

“These 16 exceptional individuals already have proven track records engaging with and promoting human rights, and I am excited for them to contribute to their respective programs while simultaneously learning from their peers, expanding their worldviews, and refining their own social justice approaches. We hope that this Fellowship is just the start of their journey with Humanity in Action.”

Two of the selected Fellows will join the in-person Amsterdam Fellowship, diving into the theme of “Reclaiming Narratives: Where History and Activism Meet to Pave the Future.” Four Fellows will travel to Germany for the Berlin Fellowship focusing on Populism, Nationalism, and the New Right in Germany’s historical context, while exploring possibilities for resistance and solidarity. Five Fellows will enjoy the Copenhagen Fellowship, exploring the issues of Climate Change, Human Rights, and Democracies in Crisis. Finally, the total of five Fellows will join the Sarajevo Fellowship titled “Unraveling Trauma: Kyiv’s Siege Echoes Painful Memories of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Past.” This Fellowship will take place in hybrid mode.

Read the Fellows’ bios by clicking on their images below. Thank you to our Selection Committee who helped with reading and reviewing applications to select this year’s talented pool of Fellows.