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We look into the past to change the present and create the future!



Thanks to workshops with Maciek Zabierowski (head of the education department at the Jewish Museum in Oświęcim, co-author of the Anti-discrimination Education Academy programme for teachers and the mobile application “Oshpitzin. The History of Jewish Oświęcim’), participants developed their competencies in remote teaching and the creation of online educational materials. Historian, journalist, and activist Leonie Schöler talked about education (especially on ‘difficult’ topics) through social media. During the meeting with Jason Francisco (photographer, university professor, artist and essayist who documents memory and new directions of art as testimony), we reflected and talked about memory, the erasure of history from memory, and the role of education in both processes. 

So far we have had the opportunity to meet online for workshops and discussions. Soon we will spend a few days together in Krakow during the Educathon, an educational marathon that will result in inclusive and interesting educational materials available free of charge to all interested.

Stay tuned!


The project “Untold Stories | Forgotten Places of Memory” is carried out in cooperation with Humanity in Action Germany and Humanity in Action Netherlands.