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Alen Kubat


Alen Kubat is a 21-year-old from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a final-year student in International Relations and European Studies at the International Burch University. He is passionate about the environment and has a particular love for plants. Alen volunteers for Let’s Do It, a project dedicated to cleaning up the environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.. Alen is also an active member of ESN Sarajevo, a student-led organization that helps international students integrate and provides opportunities for cultural exchange. Through his involvement in these organizations, Alen has developed leadership, communication, and cross-cultural skills, and gained a passion for making a positive impact in his community and beyond. He is committed to using his education, skills, and experiences to contribute to a better world, and is excited about the potential for media to play a transformative role in global affairs.


Updated May 2023.