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Alma Mujanović


Alma Mujanović is born in Montenegro. Currently, lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Student of Faculty of the Health Sciences, in eld of Radiology Technology, University of Sarajevo. She works with people who fights for break a discrimination, especially people with disabilities. Since 2010 she began to actively engage in the issues of human rights and participating in many fields of non-formal education and integration in the social environment. Currently, she is member of many organizations. Her hobbies are photography and writing. She o en writes about human rights and inclusion of people with disabilities. She was participant in many educations in BiH and Europe (Norway, 2015, Italy, 2016, Albania 2016, Switzerland 2016, Youth Enchange in Greece 2016, European Forum Alpbach, Austria, 2016). For her, the motivation is to be in the socializing with people and she loves to be among the people with whom she is feeling happy and fulfilled.


Updated May 2017