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Ivana Kulić


Ivana Kulić was born in Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Upon graduating from Grammar school she started her civil engagement in an environmental organization “Centre for Environment” where she became a member of an activist group, of which she is now a coordinator. She is leading a campaign focusing on the protection of our food system at the same organization. Ivana focuses on addressing social issues which have caused the destruction of nature while also pointing out the impacts these disasters have on specific marginalized groups. She is a European representative in a working group for “gender justice and dismantling of patriarchy” for the organisation Friends of the Earth International. She has held several workshops and presentations, ranging from events based locally in Bosnia and Herzegovina to public presentations in Chiapas, Mexico. Currently, she is in her last year of Philosophy studies where she’s obtaining her bachelor’s degree with a thesis in Bioethics.


Updated May 2019