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Yael Herskovits


Yael is the former US National Director of Humanity in Action. In this capacity, she led the organization’s US programming and operations and engaged in Senior Fellow community building and outreach. She also co-directed the Detroit Fellowship and the Racial Equity Grant. Prior to HIA, Yael served as a consultant to non-profit organizations looking to develop cultural education programs or broaden access to existing programs. Beyond the social sector, Yael has experience working on policy and government affairs in the EU and German state government as well as experience developing and managing real estate. She is a Senior Fellow (Berlin 2011 and Pat Cox Fellow 2012) and has actively contributed to Humanity in Action’s selection process and development work in the US and Europe as of 2012.

Born in Frankfurt, Germany to children of Shoa survivors, Yael is deeply interested in majority-minority relations, conflict resolution, and personal and collective trauma and how it shapes individual identity, collective narratives, and group formation. She has written about discrimination and belonging concerning majority-minority relations in France, Germany, China, and the US.

Yael holds a B.A. in Comparative Politics and International Law from the American University of Paris, an M.A. in International Affairs from the New School, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Organization Development.


Updated Sept. 2020