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The rise of fake news, radicalization, and hate speech or polarized dialogue shattered democracy, its principles, and created a danger zone for the existence of democratic societies. Currently, people need to learn how to differentiate between what is true; what is untrue and what aspects in the digital world affect democracy.

Welcome to the biggest country in the world: the Internet! {Error 404} is an interactive method (a game) through which youth will learn about the effects of digital spaces upon democracy. In this game, the error symbolizes the difficulties of democracy in today’s digital context.

The purpose of this game is to disseminate the right knowledge about the challenges that democracy meets online and also to inspire the youth to find effective solutions for those problems. The project is a hybrid workshop designed as a multiplayer game, where players will be put in the position of active citizens.

Active citizens have to confront various challenges of democracy.

In their journey, the active citizens have to confront various challenges of democracy in the digital era, such as fake news, hate speech, surveillance, discrimination, human rights, security, and so on. Going from one step to another, the active citizens have the mission to solve them to reach the final stage: {Error 404 – solved}.

Through this workshop, the project aims to involve the players in a collaborative process where they will collaborate to solve the challenges of each stage of the game. They will acquire/improve their decision-making skills, as they must be active listeners and communicate valuable ideas to find the right solution.

The players will hone their resilience skills, empowering them to see any change as an opportunity to evolve, and learn something new.


Updated November 2022