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Senior Fellow Vera Karanika teaching children about borders & belonging



Senior Fellow Vera Karanika, Member of the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion, an NGO working on statelessness at the global level, recently contributed to its latest resource designed to help educators teach children about statelessness.

Teaching about Statelessness with Neha was developed to accompany the children’s story The Girl Who Lost Her Country following the adventures of Neha, a girl without a nationality, who travels the world to learn about the lives of different children and how they are impacted by statelessness.

The teaching guide is designed to teach children about borders & belonging as well as about citizenship & rights. It explores the causes and impact of statelessness while looking at real-life examples from across the globe. The idea is for children to learn about statelessness and take action as advocates for the rights of stateless children around the world.

Download the Teaching Guide here.