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Announcing the Danish Premiere of Voices in the Void



Humanity in Action and the Danish Jewish Museum are thrilled to announce the Danish launch of our animated short film ‘Voices in the Void’ (‘Stemmer i Stilheden’). The film tells the story of former Chief Rabbi of Denmark, Bent Melchior, and his family’s escape to Sweden in October 1943.

When: April 24, 2023 from 14:00-15:30
Where: Festsalen at the National Museum of Denmark, Ny Vestergade 10, 1471, København K

80th Commemoration of the Flight and Rescue of the Danish Jews

The night between October 1 and 2, 1943, the action against the Danish Jews was launched by the German occupying forces in Denmark during the World War II. Due to a large joint popular effort and resistance to the action, the majority of Danish Jews succeeded in escaping to Sweden. However, some were captured and reported and sent to Theresienstadt.

In 2023, it will be 80 years since these violent events took place. ‘Voices in the Void’ both tells and updates the story and invites the public to debate the values of a society that should help prevent history from repeating itself.  

The film is narrated by Rabbi Melchior himself and illuminates the profound contrasts inherent in human nature by balancing stark images of deportation and extermination camps with a narrative emphasizing the human capacity for solidarity, compassion and civic courage – even under the most harrowing circumstances.

The film will be screened in the Danish version and the event held in Danish.

The Danish launch of ‘Stemmer i Stilheden’ is generously supported by Politiken-Fonden

Watch the trailer