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Explore the 2021 Copenhagen Fellowship's Open Events



In 2021 the Copenhagen Fellowship focused on Denmark’s relation to Greenland and the Faeroe Islands. Using a Human Rights lens we dove deep into the pressing realities of this often overlooked region and Greenland’s, Faroe Island’s and Denmark’s roles respectively in shaping it. During the Fellowship, we hosted a range of open events in Copenhagen and Tórshavn where the public was invited to discuss related topics with our Fellows.

All events tried to untangle the complex issues related to the Unity of the Realm or pressing issues related to minorities and democracy, as well as to understand what civic engagement and action means in 2021.

Refugees on Temporary Stay – Focus on Syrians in Denmark

On August 14, 2021, founder and daily leader of Refugees Welcome, Michala Clante Bendixen, drew a full audience at Borups Højskole together with Syrian refugee, activist and Humanity in Action Fellow, Nour Moazzen. Michala shared her work at Refugees Welcome and explained how current political decisions to send back certain Syrian refugees affect the refugees and what consequences the political decisions might have in short and long term. Nour shared her personal story of flight and rescue and how she works in Denmark to increase awarenes of and knowledge about the situation of Syrians in Denmark and Syria.


Threats to Democracy in a post-covid world

On August 18, 2021, renowned TV anchor, editor and public speaker Clement Kjersgaard visited a full Borups Højskole to talk about current threaths to democracy. Because of recent events in Afghanistan – the Taliban takeover and the chaotic withdrawal of US armed forces – the debate quickly circled around the consequences for Denmark, Afghanistan and Western democracies of these events.

Film screening and debate – Faroe Islands 2021

Upon visiting the Faroe Islands, Humanity in Action invited local Faroese as well as all Fellows to watch the award winning documentary Skál at Nordens Hus in Tórshavn, capital of Faroe Islands. The protagonists of the film were present to discuss their experience with the film making and their visions for the film with an attentive audience.

The cast from ‘Skál’ with Humnaity in Action board member Marie-Louise Lycke and program coordinator and moderator for the evening Benedikte Raft.

North Atlantic Rainbow Days

During the Copenhagen Pride 2021, Humanity in Action and Nordatlantens Brygge co-organised a series of film screenings, lectures and debates about LGBTQIA+ rights and challenges in Greenland, Faroe Islands and Iceland.

During the North Atlantic Rainbow Days Fellows watched and dicussed the documentary Eskimo Diva with a borader audience