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Aastha Kc


Aastha Kc was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal and is currently finishing her studies in human rights at Malmo University. Beginning in August 2020, she will continue her studies in the Sociology of Law at Lund University. Aastha has worked as an Assistant Coordinator for The Snow Yak Foundation in Kathmandu on their Educate Dolpa Project, focusing on promoting quality primary level education in the remote trans-Himalayan region of Dolpa. Now, she works as an International Project Coordinator with the non-governmental organization The ABC in Lund, Sweden on their collaborations in Nepal, Uganda and Bulgaria. Aastha is passionate about photography and using it as a medium for story-telling. Ultimately, she wishes to pursue a career in human rights, specifically in pursuit of eradicating caste-based discrimination in the Global South.

Updated May 2020