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Nanna Vedel-Hertz


Nanna Vedel-Hertz, was born and raised in Denmark. She holds a BA in History and Cultural encounters from Roskilde University and an Erasmus Mundus MA in Journalism, Media and Globalisation, specialising in War and Conflict from Aarhus University, the Danish school of Media and Journalism and Swansea University. She spent the last year in Swansea, studying the conflicts and wars of our time. Her final dissertation focused on the news media’s coverage of refugees in Greece and what is left unreported. Nanna holds a passionate interest in intersectional feminism and questions of privilege. As an aspiring war reporter, Nanna is acutely aware that accurate journalism is rarely about ‘giving voice to the voiceless’, but rather about hearing and – more importantly – listening to what they are already saying. Nanna has worked as a volunteer for the youth branch of the Danish Red Cross and the Danish Association for the Hard of Hearing.

Updated May 2020