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Sara Monggaard


Sara Monggaard is a Danish activist, researcher, student, and comrade. She works within, against, and beyond her educational institution in an attempt to affirm and construct spaces of disidentification with dominant cultures. She is particularly interested in and a student of abolitionist teachings, and can therefore spend hours on end discussing community accountability, transformative justice, and mutual aid with friends and foe. Currently, Sara works passionately with ‘alternative’ educational projects, ranging from UWC short courses and digital teachins to book clubs and zine-making events – feeling both affirmed and inspired within radical spheres. In keeping with that, Sara likes learning and trying out numerous ways of resisting dominant paradigms in simple but substantial ways, recently this has included but not been limited to knitting, pole dancing, roller skating, gardening, and journaling – killjoying every step of the way.

Updated May 2021