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Coffee&Talk#3 with Ali Kazim and Michael Ziegler



We are happy to announce our third Coffee&Talk. This time we will be guested by Michael Ziegler and Ali Kazim who will share their insights and opinions on how to reach successful integration.

The event will take place on October 30, 2019 at 5.15pm at Cafe Nutid on Studiestræde 24, 1455 Copenhagen. 

The format is, as always, a short presentation by our guest speakers and then an informal dialogue where you are most welcome to ask a question or share a comment. 

Mr Ziegler has been Mayor of Høje Taastrup, located in the suburbs to Copenhagen, for the Conservative party since 2006. Leading a city with a strong mix of etnic backgrounds and 3 areas on the 2018 ghetto list, he is very familiar with the talk about integration. He attracted a lot of attention one of his first years as mayor, when he moved into a “ghetto” for a month.

Mr Kazim is a professional actor and musician and he has always been very involved in civic work. Today, he works as a mentor and social consultant within his own organization, RECREATE. His aim is to get young people to regain trust in society. He states that having been raised on Nørrebro with the identifier “troublesome”, acting and therapy was useful tools to change his self image. He now uses these tools when he is teaching.

There is no registration for this event, so we recommend you show up in good time to get a seat.