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Humanity in Action Announces 2024 Democracy Fellows



New York, April 15, 2024 – Today, Humanity in Action has announced the participants of the 2024 Humanity in Action Democracy Fellowship, supporting diverse changemakers in unpacking and addressing historic and contemporary systems of inequity. The cohort brings together 16 Fellows to realize project ideas around the theme of Democracy and the Politics of Memory.

Humanity in Action launched the Fellowship in 2020, originally in partnership with the Alfred Landecker Foundation, as the Landecker Democracy Fellowship. In 2024, the program transitioned to become the Humanity in Action Democracy Fellowship. Annually, the Fellowship brings together a group of diverse leaders from the European Union, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States who spend one year creating projects that reinvent democratic spaces.

The 16 Democracy Fellows are joining Humanity in Action from seven countries in 13 locations.

“Humanity in Action is incredibly excited for the new chapter of the Democracy Fellowship. At a time when institutional memory is being used by powerful actors to malevolent ends across the world, the work of rethinking and reshaping the politics of memory is more important than ever,” said Humanity in Action Interim CEO Talia Dubovi. “We’re proud to have 16 incredible Fellows tackling this theme from a variety of perspectives, while coming together with the common vision of advancing justice and human rights in their communities.”

“As we embark on a new phase of the Fellowship, we could not imagine a better group of Fellows to work with,” said Humanity in Action Democracy Fellowship Program Directors Hannah Joy Sachs and Pooja Lama. “The Humanity in Action team is proud to serve as a connecting force–offering training, financial support, guidance, and resources–enabling our Fellows to continue implementing and expanding their incredible work across Europe and the United States. We cannot wait to see the ripple effects each one of their projects will have in the coming year and beyond.”

To learn more about the Humanity in Action Democracy Fellowship, click here.