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The Alfred Landecker Foundation and Humanity in Action announce 2020 Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellows



Berlin and New York, October 26, 2020 –  Today, the Alfred Landecker Foundation, in partnership with Humanity in Action, has announced the participants of its inaugural Democracy Fellowship.

The Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellowship supports rising activists, community leaders and young professionals in turning innovative ideas into tangible solutions for the disruptions to democratic spaces in times of Covid-19. This year’s fellowship funds 30 young champions of democracy whose goals range from closing the digital divide and empowering migrant care workers, to finding new ways for people to talk about politics and current affairs.

“Over the last decade there has been a marked increase in threats to democracy across the Western world. It is no longer a distant threat. The rise of the far right is banging on the door,” said Dr Andreas Eberhardt, CEO of the Alfred Landecker Foundation. “The situation has been exacerbated by COVID-19 which, out of necessity, has afforded powers to governments that they have not previously had. This all means that this Fellowship, and the consequent work of the Fellows involved, has never been more important and we look forward to seeing the solutions they put forward.”

“Over the last decade there has been a marked increase in threats to democracy across the Western world. It is no longer a distant threat. The rise of the far right is banging on the door.” Dr Andreas Eberhardt, CEO, Alfred Landecker Foundation

Drawing from the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States, 30 young professionals, activists and community leaders were selected, through a rigorous interview process, from a pool of more than 260 applicants. The final projects, each unique and innovative in execution, aim to create social justice and fairer societies, giving individuals and communities an opportunity for a better quality of life through digital, physical, educational and social methods.  Fellows’ propositions will be supported, including a monthly stipend (10.000 Euros in total), seed funding of 5.000 Euros for their projects, guidance and training to increase their individual impact on political discourses, policy making and social realities.

“The strength of the applications we received was outstanding and the selection process was not an easy one,” said Dr Judith Goldstein, Founder & Executive Director of Humanity in Action. “We’re delighted to be joined by so many brilliant minds. Coming from different fields of expertise from different parts of the world, they all share a passion for democracy.  We will be following their progress closely and supporting them throughout.”

Introducing the 2020 Democracy Fellows


The Alfred Landecker Foundation exists to defend open and liberal societies and rebuild and protect democratic institutions. It was founded in 2019 in response to the rising trends of populism, nationalism, Antisemitism, hatred towards minorities and skepticism towards democratic institutions.

The Foundation acknowledges the role these issues have played in the past and, crucially, aims to raise awareness of the conditions that paved the way for and enabled the Holocaust to occur, and to combat antisemitism in the here and now. It believes the lessons of the past should be more than just hollow platitudes and is committed to turning those lessons into active engagement in the present and in the future.

To support and drive such engagement it joins forces with innovative partners who share its values and approach to help create a future in which citizens can get involved and have the space and knowledge to disagree and object. It funds projects that give individuals leeway to act and make a lasting impact and it is prepared to take risks and pick unconventional methods and partnerships in order to make this happen.

The Foundation was founded by the Reimann family who will initially support the Foundation with 250 million euros over the next ten years. It  is made up of an Academic Council, a Governing Council and a Foundation Team all of which are comprised of globally renowned experts in a variety of fields and more details on them and the Foundation can be viewed on the website.


Humanity in Action is a transatlantic non-profit organization that educates, inspires and connects a community of rising leaders and activists committed to pluralism, human rights and civic engagement, in their own communities and around the world. The organization’s goal is to inspire responsible leadership that meets the local and global challenges of social division. Antisemitism, racism, islamophobia, trans- and homophobia, misogyny, and other forms of discrimination and hatred are testing democratic societies. Humanity in Action’s programs address these issues head-on from a historical perspective. They are testing grounds for thinking anew with activists, experts, policymakers, artists and business leaders about complex issues of pluralism and diversity.

Since its founding over two decades ago, Humanity in Action has engaged over 2,500 carefully chosen individuals whose inclusive approaches to leadership contribute to the formation of a new generation of social, cultural and political changemakers. Humanity in Action’s Senior Fellows form a unique international alumni community committed to social justice.

The organization has governing and advisory boards in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and the United States. Its international headquarters are in New York City. Humanity in Action maintains partnerships with outstanding civic and educational institutions including the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, The New School, The POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, the Anne Frank House and the Bertelsmann Foundation North America.


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