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2018 Fall International Conference Schedule



The upcoming Fall International Conference on “Social Justice in Public Health and Healthcare” will take place next weekend on October 19 and 20, 2018 at The New School. Humanity in Action is excited to feature Senior Fellows and experts who work in the fields of healthcare and health services.

Friday, October 12 is the deadline for registration.


Friday, Oct. 19: Opening Night
Saturday, Oct. 20: Health Insurance & Healthcare Access, Health Disparities and the Social Determinants of Health: How to Build a Path to Health Equity, Disadvantaged Populations

Opening Night

Suffering, Healing, and Lives in Context: A Call for Compassion in Mental Health Care
  • Doris Chang (Associate Professor of Psychology, NSSR; Co-Investigator at the Center of Excellence for Cultural Competence, New York State Psychiatric Institute)
Responding to America’s Gun Epidemic
  • Amish Dave (Rheumatologist, Virginia Mason Medical Center; Senior Fellow | Berlin 2006)
  • Shiloh Tillmann-Dick (Senior Data Strategist, City of Baltimore; Senior Fellow | New York 2009)
  • Aisha Turner (Producer, StoryCorps; Senior Fellow | Copenhagen 2011)
  • Raffi Wartanian (Storyteller and Educator, Columbia University; Senior Fellow | Paris 2008)

Health Insurance and Healthcare Access

Health Insurance and Healthcare Access
  • Rob Tessier (Medical Student, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine; Senior Fellow | Warsaw 2015)
  • Zan Margolis (Director, Alignment Healthcare; Senior Fellow | Warsaw 2011)
  • Iris Najjar (MD, KSBL Hospital; Senior Fellow | Berlin 2017)
Can Population Health Reduce Disparities?
  • Alan Channing (Principal, Channing Consulting Group, LLC; previous President and CEO, Sinai Health System)

Health Disparities and the Social Determinants of Health: How to Build a Path to Health Equity

How to Build a Path to Health Equity
  • Asha Shajahan (Medical Director of Community Health, Beaumont Health)
Society and Addiction: Combating the Opioid Crisis
  • David Liebers (MS4, Harvard Medical School; Senior Fellow | Warsaw 2010)
  • Prof. Lisa Litt (Assistant Professor and Assistant Director, MA Concentration in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling)
  • Marc Manseau (MD, MPH, Clinical Assistant Professor, NYU School of Medicine)
  • Arthur Robin Williams (Assistant Professor, Columbia University Department of Psychiatry; Senior Fellow | Amsterdam 2003)
Urban Planning, Gentrification and Health
  • Megan Raymond (Medical Student, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine; Senior Fellow | Detroit 2017)
  • Asha Shajahan (Medical Director of Community Health, Beaumont Health)
Community-Based Strategies to Address Health Disparities in NYC
  • Nick Farrell (New York Department of Education; Senior Fellow | Copenhagen 2004)
  • Ashley Portillo (Coordinator of Health Programs, Academy of Medical and Public Health Services; Senior Fellow | Diplomacy and Diversity 2016)
Addressing Childhood Obesity: Designing Food Environments for Kids’ Health
  • Priya Fielding-Singh (Post-Doctoral Fellow, Standford University School of Medicine; Senior Fellow | Berlin 2011)
  • Andy Post (Grant Writer, Solid Ground; Senior Fellow | Warsaw 2016)

Disadvantaged Populations

Racial Minorities
  • Jenny Tsai (Medical Student, Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University; Senior Fellow | Copenhagen 2014)
How Poverty and Inequality Harm Us All
  • Nate Furukawa (Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Senior Fellow | New York 2009)
Reproductive Justice in the American South
  • Sadhvi Batra (Medical Student, University of Alabama, Birmingham; Senior Fellow | Paris 2015)
Preventing HIV Transmission and the History of Stigma against LGBTQ Populations
  • Dr. John Winters (Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases, The Mount Sinai Hospital)